FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 26, 2011 TEFLON DON MAKES THE MUSIC ABOUT THE MESSAGE WITH RELEASE OF ‘BLACK HISTORY’ SINGLE MEMPHIS, TN (Rap Newswire) – Drawing on the inspirational words and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memphis hip-hop artist Teflon Don is preparing to honor Black History Month on a whole new level this year – and he’s providing the soundtrack as well. His forthcoming single “Black History” officially drops February 1, but the buzz has already started to build. “I wrote this song because I feel like there’s a lack of leadership within the urban community, especially within hip-hop,” Teflon Don said. “I wanted to put some truth in hip-hop. I feel like we downgrade ourselves a lot in our songs, and I believe it’s because artists are pushed by sales and the record companies to project that image. I want to put out some real knowledge about how far we’ve come as well as how far we need to go as a nation.” Changing attitudes is a challenge, but it’s one Don is ready to take on. “I want the history books to reflect the fact that we are changing, progressing as people – black, white, whatever,” said the Memphis MC. “It’s 2011. It’s time to put out some truth.” And along with truth, Don is putting his money where his mouth is with this effort – he’s donating a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the single back to the Memphis Music Foundation, the non-profit resource for the Memphis music industry that has played a major part in the rapper’s success to date. “Every city needs groups like the Memphis Music Foundation,” Teflon states emphatically. “Without the resources they provide, Memphis musicians would not be able to advance their careers out of Memphis. Otherwise, we’d all have to move to Atlanta, NY, or LA. I want to play a part in making sure Memphis stays on the map, musically.” “Black History” was written by Teflon Don, recorded and produced by Raynel Productions, mastered by Larry Nix, and published by Memphis Soul Star Publishing. The track will be released by Soul Star Entertainment/Palm Tree Entertainment/SODMG/Select-o-hits, and made available to stream from and for download through iTunes beginning February 1. About Teflon Don Donald Askew Jr. aka Teflon Don grew up in the Breedlove neighborhood of Smoky City, in Memphis, TN. In 1995 he first started freestyling with Trezevant High School classmate Mario Mims aka Yo Gotti (Pologrounds/Jrecords recording artist) and Christopher. A few years later Teflon Don transferred to Oakhaven High School, where he got a chance to hook up with Phillip Dubone and Mr.Sche to record his first demo. Life took a twist for Don on April 29, 2001, the day he accepted a call to join the army. Stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, he received his performance name from continued efforts to record music in Killeen, Texas, while attending every open mic around. Around this time, he signed with I&I Productions (eventually becoming I&I Records), managed by Renae Noriega. Under her management he expanded his live repertoire, opening up for Magnificent, Slim Thug, and Lil Jon. Despite this change in fortunes, Don was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. In addition to fulfilling his duties, he continued to perform in showcases held by Dominique Bullock (Jaguarr Productions). In 2005, Teflon Don signed a management deal with Larry Hudson, who later obtained a production and a publishing deal for Don with 2Face Productions and Antron Music Publishing. That same year, Don moved back to Memphis, where he recorded his full debut album, God the Government the Game. After a couple years of hard work promoting that album, Don received a nomination for 2009-2010″Best Indie Rap Album of the Year.” He has also created an NBA anthem for the Memphis Grizzlies titled “M.E.M.P.H.I.S. Grizzlies.” On the strength of that and soundtrack work for local filmmakers, Don received an agreement with VIO Mobile. Most recently, Teflon Don has collaborated with artists signed under SODMG and performed at Palm Tree Entertainment events, and continues to engage in negotiations with Rock Gamer Studios/MTV Games. For more more on Teflon Don visit his official homepage at