By Jen Simmons on January 31, 2011 4:58 PM

Rapper/producer Teflon Don was the second local entrepreneur featured in The CA’s partnership with Launch Memphis, StartupTV.

A little background:


Upon returning to Memphis after an honorable discharge from the Army, Teflon worked odd jobs and began distributing his homemade mix tapes all over the city for the next four years. His first big break came when he won a showcase that gave him the momentum to release his first official album, God, the Government, the Game, in 2009. Realizing that making music and monetizing a music career were two different things, Teflon attended the LaunchMemphis business plan boot camp in 2009, and received valuable instruction on starting up on a budget.

As if by fate, it just so happens that Live from Memphis’ A Geek and His Blog reviewed Teflon Don’s upcoming single “Black History” today.

“Black History” is an unapologetically hopeful message that is surely deserving of radio play in Memphis and beyond. Hopefully, courageous DJs will fight for this song to be included in playlists year-round, not just during Black History Month. Teflon Don is striving to be a voice for change in his city, and hopefully, his efforts will bring about a balance in the selection of songs on Memphis rap stations.

Part of the proceeds from the single’s sale will be donated to the Memphis Music Foundation. It’ll be available on iTunes tomorrow but you can listen to it on Teflon Don’s website right now.