MEMPHIS, TN (Rap Newswire) April 22, 2011 – The summer gamers will be able to rock out on Rock Band 3 to the sounds of Memphis hip hop artist Teflon Don. The hit single “3 in the Morning” ft. Antonio Cooke produced by Raynel Productions brings forth a powerful new partnership with the Rock Band Network making the single available for download, allowing fans to imagine themselves as the artist.

The Rock Band Network is a hub that allows players to download songs for the popular
interactive Rock Band 3 video game. Through the Rock Band Network gamers can download songs for Microsoft Points (MSP), a fee that usually ranges between $1 and $3. Once downloaded, the song selection is added to the player’s Rock Band song library, allowing them to play it at any time. Teflon Don’s music will be offered for 160 Microsoft Points (MSP) or about $2.

The Memphis native is excited about his latest accomplishment. “The opportunity to be affiliated with one of the world’s most popular video games is a blessing. This will allow people from anywhere to not only hear my music but pretend to play it, heightening their level of entertainment. I hope this is the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship,” said Teflon Don.

Miguel Molinari, founder of Rock Gamer Studios also feels that the addition of Teflon Don’s music is a positive situation for everyone involved. “Rock Gamer Studios is proud to help Teflon Don represent the great city of Memphis, while expanding the rap and R&B selection in the Rock Band platform,” said Molinari.

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Teflon Don has been rapping since he was in high school. His hard work, swift, witty rhymes, perseverance and hustle has led to gigs opening up for Magnificent, Slim Thug, and Lil Jon. His most recent album, God, Government and the Game was greeted with critical acclaim and certified his place in independent artist history. In 2009, Teflon Don was a nominee for 2009-2010 “Best Indie Rap Album of the Year.” He was also recognized for the NBA anthem he created for the Memphis Grizzlies entitled “M.E.M.P.H.I.S. Grizzlies.” He later obtained a ringtone deal with VIO Mobile, a distribution deal with Select-o-hits, and caught the attention of filmmakers Ryan Watt and David Keary. His songs will be heard on the soundtracks of the upcoming movies “Money Makers” and “Daylight Fades.”

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