Meet Memphian no. 231 (of 365), rapper Teflon Don. Here, he answers my questions about his inspirations, what it’s like to work with the Grizzlies and the things people don’t know about him:

Name: Donald Askew Jr. pka Teflon Don

Occupation: Rapper / CEO

Hometown: Memphis, TN

 Originally from North Memphis off of Breedlove and Vollintine

If I could only eat at five Memphis restaurants for the rest of my life, they would be:Hard Rock Cafe, Memphis Best Wings, Onix, Rhumba Room and Waffle House

My favorite lyrics that I’ve written are:
 “Lets Talk About by Teflon Don” from the album “God the Government the Game”.

I’m inspired by: 
leaders who stood up for what is right and who believed in equal opportunities.

People don’t know that I: 
suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from war or that I study music law and Bibical studies.

I’m working on: my acting career (which is represented by Colors Agency) for some upcoming movies. We are currently working on a few soundtracks for some major independent movies as well. I just obtained a video game deal with Rock Band Network/Xbox 360.

Working with the Grizzlies is: a blessing and a beautiful success story. Hopefully one day, we can work out a great partnership. I learned how to be a mentor from Carly Knight (Grizzlies Promotions Manager) who deserves an award for her hard work and dedication to the Grizzlies and The City of Memphis.

When friends come to Memphis, I take them to:
 Onix and we brainstorm on making the next move our best move.

I’m known for my: 
honor to God, the eight years that I dedicated to the US Military as an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and the hard work I put into my music career with no budget, just pure knowledge of the internet .

I love Memphis because: In my opinion, but our flaws encourage  our Memphis based entertainers  and athletes to be better than everyone independently and strive for wealth. We have so much competition within Memphis that, when we go out of town, we give people a run for their money because we have something to prove.