The Line Up with Teflon Don and John Paul Keith

By Charles Gray | January 20, 2012

All right, you REALLY need to get out of the house. I understand your nose may be buried in your Christmas copy of Super Mario 3DS, or you might be knee deep in New Years resolutions, but it’s time to get up to snuff—this weekend is poised to pack one hell of a one-two punch.

Coming from two of the farthest corners in the music universe, this Friday/Saturday combo will give you something to bring back to the water cooler on Monday. Strap on your weekend gear and get ready to get down with this week’s line up.


Friday (1/20) is culturally the unofficial party-starter day, so why not do things right by going to see Memphis native Teflon Don blow the spot at The New Daisy Theatre? Notable since the ending bits of the past decade, the Don gave himself a name by coining the newest anthem of every Memphian’s favorite b-ball team: the Grizzlies. Come out and dig into Memphis’ roots with Southern rap that’ll crank up your crunk for sure.


via The Line Up with Teflon Don and John Paul Keith | TVD Memphis.