May 7, 2013- Rapper Teflon Don aka Donald Askew Jr. links up with Memphis Grizzlies announcer-Rick Trotter and Raynel Productions to create a successful exclusive Grizzly theme song entitled ” Go Grizzlies” ft. Rick Trotter, which was recorded and mixed at American Recording Studio by Will Gilbert . The song will be mastered and released worldwide on May 25,2013.

This song was written by Donald Askew Jr., Rick Trotter, and Harrison Nelson dba Raynel Productions. It was published by Memphis Soul Star Publishing/BMI and the release date is set for May 25,2013 internationally through Soul Star Entertainment. Sponsored by Stan Harvell. Special contributions were sponsored by John T. Brown- Teflon’s road manager and his wife Ashley Burnett-Brown who played the role of being a cheerleader on the anthem.Check out Rick Trotter http://www.choose901.com/rick-trotter-voice-of-the-grizzlies/

No other Grizzly song can compare to this new classic theme song…