Free Download- Teflon Don “Keep Ya Head Up” ft. Marcela Pinilla

This song is produced by Sean Faust

Written by Donald Askew Jr. and Marcela Pinilla

Engineered and arranged by Sean Faust

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Teflon Don Creates M.E.H PTSD Campaign

M.E.H PTSD – Music and Exercise Heals PTSD Campaign
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This campaign is a startup for a non-profit organization founded by Donald Askew Jr., Ceo of Soul Star Entertainment. He, himself, is a 8 year military veteran who is diagnosed with PTSD from his deployment in Iraq in 2003-2004. Askew believes that music and exercise helps him to cope with the struggles of the past. Askew, is bka Teflon Don and has made his mark as a theme songwriter along with writing music for film, video games, and for his personal recreation. Follow his work on . Once this campaign becomes successful he will be launching the new and certified “Vet Help” program for PTSD vets who struggle with day to day life.
What will this program prevent? If we catch veterans at an early stage it can prevent suicide and/or homicidal situations. Here is  an example of a suicide case that happened in Fort Riley

Rapper Teflon Don Drops New Hip Hop Dance Single “Stop n Go” ft iHeartMemphis & J Renee #StopAndGoChallenge

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The Wire Press

MEMPHIS, TN (THE WIRE PRESS) – Memphis-based rapper, artist and entertainer Teflon Don is announcing a new music single with platinum rapper iLoveMemphis, formerly known as iHeartMemphis, who took the internet by storm with his viral hip hop and dance song “Hit the Quan.”

The new hip hop dance single by Teflon Don featuring iLoveMemphis, which is entitled “Stop & Go,” is produced by new music producer Cashus Magnum, along with co-production by his father, Memphis-own award winning super producer Carlos Broady, who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Three 6 Mafia, Indie.Arie, Ghostface Killah, Diddy and many more.
“I was in the studio with Carlos Broady, Cashus Magnum, and Leo Goff working on other songs, then Cashus played a beat for me that was hot,” Teflon states, regarding how the song came to life, adding “I then referred back to my rap book of a dance song I wrote which fit the song.”

“The track was hot but wasn’t filled in completely and super producer Carlos Broady stepped in as the big brother that he has always been to me and he added the cake to the ice cream. As I listened to the song, I thought about iLoveMemphis aka iHeartMemphis because I was in love with his ‘Pause for the Camera song.’ I got on the phone with Miami Mike, iLoveMemphis’ agent, and told him I got a hit but needed iHeart asap. Miami quoted a price, and in less than 24 hours, we were making magic in Leo Goff’s studio.”

Teflon later felt the song wasn’t quite complete and wanted a woman’s voice which led to producer Carlos Broady’s daughter joining, rapper J. Renee, who is featured on the chorus of “Stop & Go.”

The song was mixed by Kevin Haywood and mastered by Kevin Nix.

Contact info:

Soul Star Entertainment

Kiara Rainey


Beautiful Belizian Interviewed by Teflon Don

My trip to Belize was awkward, It started as such a beautiful day then it rained like never before. I got a chance to network before it rained so hard and I came across a beautiful speciment of Mother Nature. I had to get all info and a live interview to show men around the world that telling a woman that she is beautiful is harmless and should be done more often. Check out short interview Teflon Don Interviews Beautiful Belizian

This is how hard it rained on me…It Rained on Teflon Don in Belize